• Address: Khar (West), Mumbai : 400 052
  • Certified: ISO 9001: 2015

Testing Facilities

  • Mfi Tester For Hdpe
  • Water Bath For Environment Stress
  • Platform For Drop Test From Different Heights And Angles
  • Stacking Test Platform
  • Hydraulic Test
  • Electronic Balance For Checking Of Weight Of Finished Products And Spares
  • Neck Leakage Testing Area

The testing of the product is destructive in nature, thus a system of statistical quality control is followed.
From a batch, random sampling is done and the chosen samples are tested as representatives of the entire mass.
The norms for testing are ISI and UN standards depending on the end use




Testing Methods

  • Compression test machine – we check the strength of load bearing capacity of the drums.
  • Electronic wall thickness measuring machine – we check the wall thickness in all the areas of drum.
  • Platform for drop test – we take drop test of drums.
  • Stacking test platform – we keep 4 nos. drums standing & then put the pallet on it. We put 4 Nos. drums on the top of those drums; we keep this for one month, as it is. After one month, we replace the drums.
  • Neck leakage testing area to check the leakage of water from the drums mouth opening before and after the drop test.
  • Electronic balance to weight each & every drum.
  • Hardness testing tool – we check the hardness of the gasket, which we use in the drum.